Know About the Effects of Ketu in Different Houses Through an Astrologer

Astrologers study and interpret celestial body movements to gain an understanding of how their movement impacts human events – an ancient practice.

Ketu can lead to magicians, exorcists, military commanders, occult masters, spies, philanthropists and hermits being born; it can also foster merciless fanatics or immoral criminals.


Ketu in the first house makes people fascinated with occult sciences and black magic, leading them to abandon worldly pursuits in favor of searching for spiritual fulfillment – often becoming hermits, donors, philanthropists or authors of vedic texts or mantras.

People often struggle to comprehend their words and gestures, leading them to keep bad company. Unfortunately, this often creates issues in their marriage as it allows bad influences into their home environment.

Second House

The second house represents family, personal resources and property as well as mysticism and occultism.

Ketu can bring success to preachers, spiritual guides, occult practitioners and nurses; however, its presence may cause short term memory loss causing them to forget words in mid sentence as well as boastful behavior or vanity developing in them.

Third House

Ketu in this house represents transformation and surrendering oneself to higher forces; this can result in spiritual awakening.

Ketu in the third house can make people fearless and courageous. Additionally, these individuals tend to be interested in politics and gaining authority.

Due to personality clashes and temperamental mismatch, families may face problems within their household due to regular arguments between partners.

Fourth House

Ketu in the fourth house indicates an interest in occult sciences. Additionally, this location produces magicians, exorcists, military commanders and militants.

Ketu, the south node of the Moon, is widely seen as both worldly malefic and spiritually benefic. It bestows dynamic psychic abilities while its transits may lead you on pilgrimages or put you into an introspective state for extended periods.

Fifth House

Ketu is known as the shadowy planet in astrology and when placed in the fifth house is believed to bring good fortune and bring with it an interest in learning languages as well as having a philosophical viewpoint.

This house can swell your ego but may put off lasting romantic relationships, cause miscarriages or abortions and inspire an interest in occult studies.

Sixth House

Vedic astrology suggests that those born under Ketu in the sixth house experience an unparalleled combination of spiritual development and healing abilities. With an inborn awareness of health issues, these individuals possess exceptional combating capabilities for even obscure illnesses or difficult-to-diagnose ailments.

Professional women possess an ability to navigate challenges in their professional lives with grace and wisdom, cultivating strong work ethics while possessing resilience necessary to overcome life’s hurdles.

Seventh House

The seventh house represents your relationship with your spouse and legal issues surrounding partnerships and businesses. Ketu can bring prosperity in this house but could also cause fights over trivial matters between partners.

Ketu in the seventh house symbolizes past life experiences related to finding security through relationships. You will feel an intense spiritual bond.

Eighth House

Ketu in the eighth house can isolate its subject from aspects related to that house and can make them very interested in researching occultism and mysticism – this position is known as Moksha Margi (The Path to Enlightenment).

Becoming famous in fields such as tarot, astronomy and feng shui; also gaining fortune through overseas business. Unfortunately they can sometimes be deceived by close relatives.

Ninth House

The ninth house represents belief, philosophy, religion, higher learning and travel. Mars and Mercury often present themes relevant to this house during their transits through it.

Ketu in your ninth house stimulates spirituality and occult matters while stimulating travel abroad. Ketu, with no head and moving towards moksha, makes you interested in spiritual matters and can open the doors to international travels.

Tenth House

Ketu placed in the 10th house gives an individual power and status in life, giving them access to intelligence, wisdom and coaching abilities; as well as offering them selfless help to others.

However, their professional life may cause high levels of stress. Furthermore, these individuals may become vulnerable to adultery and fishy activities in their workplace environment; further affecting their relationship with their fathers.